Saturday, May 4, 2013

West and South Slabs Poured

I took a quick trip to the construction site this morning to check on the progress in the basement.
A slab on the south side was poured yesterday.  I think it would make a nice porch, except that at some point this will all be underground.
A slab on the west side was poured, also.  I was sad to these these tracks in the concrete.  
I captured this photo from the construction cam.  I'm pretty sure these tracks were left by the wild ladders last night.
The new, dashing green ladder was trying to remain undiscovered.
Since the workman were busy laying wallpaper on the basement floor, they didn't notice him. 
The ringleader, I'm certain, is the red ladder in the back.  He has mastered his, "Who, me?" look.
The only one with any sense was Mr. Crane, who managed to cast his shadow without leaving any marks at all.
Concrete was poured in the northeast corner, too.  This view is from the construction cam. 
The south lot gets a little deeper each time I see it.
I walked along the west side.  Notice the concrete tube on the right.  It was Nu Skin's turn for concrete today.
The jackhammer last week cut out a sidewalk from the Post Office lot which was quickly filled with asphalt.  I was hoping for more, but, no.
I arrived downtown at the end of the Provo City Marathon.  The runners were the main attraction today.
However, a few turned around to admire the majestic tabernacle.  Gorgeous day, happy people, great city!


cundupa said...

Not to be nit picky but cement is an ingredient of concrete.
Thanks for posting the pictures. I worked with the trenching crew on the slurry wall in January. Nice to see the progress.

Julie Markham said...

I am teachable. Thanks.