Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Late Afternoon at the Tabernacle

I was downtown for a city meeting tonight and decided to check on the tabernacle.
This corner got a concrete pour today.  What used to be a worrisome mess is now looking much better.
The shadows now have a nice, clean area to play.
I looked for the yellow beam which was on this lot two days ago.  It must have finally escaped, because it was nowhere to be found.  But I did notice micro-piles (on the left) for the first time.  That explains why this side of the wide-flange columns is dry.
The north lot is getting rebar.  This has been fun to watch via the construction cam.
Men were still working in the basement when I arrived.  It looks like layers upon layers of rebar.
The western barrier in the south lot is zooming along.  I could smell the freshly sawed wood.
Mr. Well-Digger was still working.  I noticed tonight that the western side isn't a straight line.  The tin shack on the right is in the post office back lot.  Notice the fence juts west before turning south again.  The well-digger isn't far from the southern end of the lot.  The little front-end loader was there assisting.
I was surprised to see Lake Bonneville rising at the entrance to the parking garage.  But you can see one well in this picture, and another is just behind the track hoe.   Apparently I'm not the first one to notice this.
Mr. Crane was grand tonight, with his new flag flying very, very high! 

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