Thursday, October 25, 2012

Beautiful Day at the Temple Site

Mount Timpanogos to the north is a beautiful backdrop for the temple site.
The crane is as busy as ever today.
My camera could peek into the temple from the east on University Avenue.
I zoomed in to get a better look.  The interior west wall is being prepared for gunite. 
This is the interior of the southwestern tower.
The sun was as busy as the crane, coming in and out from behind the clouds.
The interior north wall, prepped with gunite, can be seen from the south.
Walking east, I took this picture of the south entrance.
There has been so much progress, but there is still a lot of work to be done.
This is the north entrance from the east.
I was happy to get a picture of the crane cables as they worked.
The entire block is an active construction site.
The tower caps were moved to the north east corner.
Just north of the sidewalk from the tower caps, Center Street is getting a face-lift.
Well, maybe more than cosmetic work is happening here.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Morning Breaks

The sun broke through the morning clouds as I arrived at the temple site this morning.
This is the south face.
This is a view of the southeast tower with the crane in motion above the building.
The northeast tower from University Avenue.
The north face.
The windows are covered with plastic while the gunite is being sprayed.
Otherwise the cement would shoot out the windows -- which might be fun to see!
The windows look like they have been decorated for Halloween.
Even while undergoing this renovation, the building is majestic.
These pigeons on the top of the west wall (from the east) have a view I wish I could get. 
I love peeking inside the building.
This is a telephoto view inside the northeast tower door.
This is a great view, looking through the doorway on the east side, clear through the building.
I aim my camera and shoot, hoping for the best, but I did not know I had this shot until I got home.
This is a view through the south windows.  The red ball in the top right is from the crane.
I am guessing that access to utilities is being created with this trench near the sidewalk on University Avenue between the street and the temple site.
Please do not worry that I am ever in any danger when taking photos.  I can hang out this far.
This vehicle and its operator were lifting, not digging.

This trackhoe parked on Center Street north of the site reminded me of an old joke:
Where does an elephant sit?  Anywhere he wants.