Monday, May 13, 2013

Next Step Underway: Another Slab

The crane was at work today delivering supplies inside the building.
He works fast, so I had to be quick to get this picture of a rebar delivery.
Provo is in a desert, but we don't have spiders this big.  The basement is being prepared for another slab. 
Mr. Crane was delivering the metal from this storage spot on the lower north lot,
and from this stash in the upper north lot.
The new Nu Skin garage is coming along.  I'm not real sure where the Church property ends, but I believe the two white wells on the right are part of the temple site.
This spot in front of the wide flange columns has been getting some attention, but not enough.
Mr. Track Hoe was busy deepening the rest of the west lot.  
Before I left the site, I saw Mr. Crane carefully rearranging the powder rooms.  No job is beneath his abilities!
Since the construction cam  seems to be down, I'll go back soon and hopefully catch the new slab being poured.

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