Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lots of Work, Lots of Noise

Fun day for me at the site today.  Everyone else was working hard, with lots of noise.
Baby Track Hoe was surprisingly noisy.  Kids these days.  They grow up so fast.
A lot of work seemed to be focused on the west side of the south lot.  The post office parking lot is in the background.  The underground entrance to the parking garage is between the Okland barrier to their Nu Skin project and the Okland semi.
The Okland guard let me dash between trucks to take this picture of the new entrance.  I have been told that this entrance will be used for both Nu Skin employees and temple visitors.
The pile driver was not only noisy, but he worked so hard that he shook the ground of the parking lot until my teeth rattled.  My excitement for the day.
You can see the attention this area is getting.  An orange fork lift is bringing another beam.  Baby Track Hoe is cleaning out the dirt between the pilings.  Welders are working at the right corner.  Wells have been driven, one on the right side of the photo, another on the left.  Notice the onlookers in the post office lot.  At one point the post office wanted to prevent the sightseers, but that only resulted in amazing daredevil feats.  There were times when I held my breath when I watched people standing on top of these fences!  (I did not offer my camera for fear it would go down with the climber.)  But now, there are plenty of viewing spots, and the work is exciting to watch.
Mr. Well Digger was part of the noise today, too.  He's progressing down the lot and will soon meet the south end where he's already drilled.  Notice Mr. Track Hoe in the background, still lowering the level of the south lot.
Please let me tell you about the noise. I was standing in this spot taking the first picture on the blog.  I did not hear a dump truck waiting behind me.  Instead, I felt its vibrations.  I jumped out of the way, but the driver, not impatient at all, smiled and waved as he drove into the lot.  That's how noisy it was! 
I was hoping to get an idea of when the next foundation slab would be poured.  There is enough rebar in the basement to enable the men to walk on water, but it doesn't look ready yet. 
Work continues on the boats.  This one is surrounded by lotus plants.
Mr. Crane is mesmerizing.  His arm moves back and forth, but obviously, not up and down.  Instead, the pulley raises and lowers the cargo, and the blue track runner races along the arm.  It's an intense "walking, chewing gum and patting your head at the same time" effort.  Fearing a sunburn, I only watched for 30 minutes.
I thought the north lot was being prepared for rebar, but that doesn't seem to be what's happening.  Men work and measure, but I can't tell what's going on.
Workman covered the west porch with membrane today.  
And the ladder moved as far away from the noise as possible.


woodbutcher said...

Does anyone know what the yellow beam is in the last picture is? I have seen it at different locations around the building or out on the lot, as today's picture shows, south of the Nuskin Building..

Julie Markham said...

Thanks for noticing the beam. I specifically took that last picture because I hadn't seen the beam for a couple of weeks. I'll keep an eye on it. Maybe another reader will chime in with an opinion.

cundupa said...

In the last picture on the right, is that the top of the grout wall on the west side?

Julie Markham said...

Yes, that is the grout wall which was secured with what I call I-beams, but it's officially called wide-flange columns. I'll take a better picture of that from both sides next time I go.