Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Sea of Rebar in the Basement

I've been watching the work at the site via the construction cam the last few days. 
When the rain stopped this afternoon, I went downtown to gauge the progress in the basement.
I saw two wooden boats in a sea of rebar.
One of the boats has a drain in the east side.
The north lot received a layer of membrane on Thursday and was topped with a concrete slab on Friday.  It's being prepared to receive a layer of rebar, too.
The northeast corner now has its own membrane layer.  Maybe it will keep out Lake Bonneville from below, but today, the heavens opened and there was no stopping that.
The northwest corner gets curiouser and curiouser.
It's received more than its fair share of attention lately.
I'm a little concerned that someone is hiding something.
This is the new south entrance to the basement.  I am certain the ladders are jealous.
This view from the south end of the construction site shows just how hard the track hoes have been working.  The orange layer at the top of the piers was once ground level.
Work goes on all around this spot of brick at the end of the south lot, but so far it has remained untouched.
I was surprised to get to the west side today and realize that four feet of the post office lot is gone.  Last week this fence went up, perpendicular to the tabernacle, leaving a big gap between it and another long-standing fence which topped a cement wall.  The cement wall is now gone.
Slowly but surely the tabernacle site gets a little bigger.

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