Thursday, May 2, 2013

Slab Poured On The North Lot

The north lot was the center of attention today as a slab was poured.
The work proceeded rapidly.  The fence on the left is to keep out the wild ladders.
Wet cement is nothing more than temptation in a tube.  Even I entertained thoughts of leaving my fingerprints.
But the red ladder was scheming, I could tell.
Workmen were busy in the basement.
Can you see the rolls on the right?  Notice the pit on the right side.  It's actually directly under the center of the south side.
News articles from two weeks ago said a membrane would be placed between the first slab and a second, thicker slab.  I suspect that's what this is.
Gravel has been laid on the west side of the basement. 
The gravel is along the south side, as well.
The crane operator was working hard today.  He moved this machine into the basement.
I'm pretty sure he saw me wave.
Junior Front End Loader worked hard to keep this bucket full.
Mr. Crane Operator is highly skilled.  He lifted and then maneuvered the bucket along the length of the crane.  It's thrilling to watch. 
He then gently lowered the bucket into the northeast corner -- manna from heaven.
The crew in the pit spread the gravel into place.
Baby Track Hoe assisted, too.
You will be relieved to know I did not see a drop of water in that corner, either.
The south lot is slowly disappearing. 
The west slurry curtain is disappearing, too.  Notice chunks of the wall in the ditch on the left.
Our good friend who tore down the Nu Skin garage was at work carefully breaking down the wall.  I can only watch, not explain.  
Cement was being poured behind the new Nu Skin building today.
And although I'm not one who starts rumors, this machine was at work on the sidewalk between the post office and the site.

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Melinda A said...

Those early pioneers who built this Tabernacle never would have believed that the magnificent building would be standing on piers like this someday. Or that it would ever become a temple. Thank you for taking the time to take and post these pictures. I used to live so close to the Tabernacle and have attended church there. I watch with amazement as this beautiful building becomes a temple. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!