Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Time For Foundation Walls

Work began again in the basement today after the foundation pour last Friday.
It became easier to see the vertical rebar after the pour.
The entire basement is a workshop.
The upper north lot is workshop for forms.
In the meantime, more rebar was placed on the north lot.
The retaining wall appears to be finished on the west side.  South of this wall is the post office lot.  The entrance to the underground parking garage can be seen on the far right.
I arrived after quitting time tonight, so no moving trucks impeded my view of the south lot.
I was happy to get this close-up of the brick wall in the south lot.  It's being totally ignored.
Pretty soon the tabernacle will be off the stilts!


David said...

Thanks for doing this! I really enjoy your pictures.

One request: could you take a few pictures without the zoom so I can understand the lay of the land? I love you closeups, but there are times when they are so close that it is hard to know where they are. :)

My intention is not to be picky, though. You are performing quite a service and I know that we are all grateful for it!

Keep on pluggin! We love it!

LSManning said...

Oh, you have ways to go before those supports holding the tabernacle come down. There's still lots to be done before that happens

Julie Markham said...

I have assumed, apparently incorrectly, that at this point everyone has the site layout figured out. I'll see what I can do to fix that.

David said...

Sorry about that. It's just that when you live far far away (Texas), sometimes it hard to gauge where things are at. But, if it is extra trouble, please don't worry about it at all!! :)

Julie Markham said...

It's no trouble. If you need a good layout, others do, too. I'll be more descriptive on my next post, which will be later this week. Thanks for asking about this.

Chad said...

I just noticed that the east towers will not have the same support as the west. The West towers look like the spaces beneath will be used as closets or elevators or something while the east lacks the same foundation space under the towers. Am I wrong about that? Has anyone seen the blueprints? The plans I saw have a central spiral staircase not unlike the Washington, DC temple (and from what I've read, the old Logan temple) but it's unclear if the towers will have stairwells in them down to the lower basement.

Julie Markham said...

I don't know the answer, but I will watch this and make sure I post good pictures. If you are following the construction cam this afternoon, you can see that a new slab is being poured between the two west towers. This is not being done on the east side.