Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Preparing for Another Slab

I arrived at the site late in the afternoon.  It was pretty quiet.
Framing now surrounds the basement and the slab is completely covered with the new membrane surface.  You can tell we've had some rain.  Quite a bit, actually. 
I need to get over my hangup that a basement floor needs to be be flat.
The frames were built on the west porch.  Red Ladder took charge of that project.
The crane crept to the west lot while I was there.  I thought he was going to impress me with his lifting prowess, but then he stopped and went to sleep for the night.
Then Junior Front End Loader smoothed out the spot in the south lot where the crane had been, as though he were preparing for an important guest.  Perhaps an enormous concrete pump?
This truck was hard to miss tonight.  I wondered what he was peeking at.
I followed his cables about 20 feet away, to this man-way.  
The tabernacle is tired of being poked like a patient.  I think he's ready for his life back.

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