Friday, May 29, 2015

The Man on the Steeple Base

I spied a man on the steeple base this morning.
I had almost forgotten how beautiful the steeple is.
There was so much to see today.  Dirt will soon go over this black fabric.
There is a lot of work on the east side.
More dirt was delivered.
This the last fancy light post.
A lone mason worked at the base of the fountain.
My camera caught something interesting.
Notice the egg-and-dart pattern around this spout which matches the design on the fountain.
I watched this man work at the base of the southeast tower.  I could not figure out what he was doing.
When I got home, I saw that my camera had captured holes in the concrete along the southeast and northeast tower stairs. The man is responsible for these.
I saw new fence posts along the east side.
There are a lot of posts.
The construction fence on the right blocks the view of the new posts.
Ultimately, the construction fence will go away.
A wide walkway will accompany the new fence.
There is a lot of fence around the temple.
I did see something I didn't like.  I asked about the missing stone.
Both were removed earlier in the week for reasons unknown.  I promise to watch for their return.
I kept my eye on the man up high.  He's holding a caulk gun.
He has a great view.
Although there are some beautiful things he can't see.
Mr. Track Hoe made a return visit.
He's smoothing things out for new asphalt near the post office.
This used to be First South.
Instead of First South, this walk stretches from University Avenue to First West.
The caulker should have been able to see the pavilion.
The cupola has new trim along its base.
Of course I tried to peek in.
I was surprised to see finished wood.
The pavilion is a little difficult to see right now.  New brick hides the area where a dumpster will be.
Masons worked on the north side.  This lift is moving stone for the building skirt.
Before lifting it into place, the edges are polished.
My camera insists the work station is a sturdy block of geofoam.
This heavy work is not all done by machine.
Other masons worked on nearby planters.
I watched for a long time.
There is a lot of stone in place throughout the site now.
The mason's shop in the south lot is a busy place.
I had trouble looking inside, but what I can see is beautiful.
Nearby, piles which were placed almost two years ago are now visible.
I took this photo on August 12, 2013.
Vertical piles are buried around the entire exterior of the temple grounds.
Piles even surround the walls of the underground annex on the north side.
Out of sight, out of mind.  I only see the windows.
And Moroni.
Robert Jaramillo took this wonderful picture during a recent break in the rain.  So much progress.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


My umbrella and I couldn't wait for the rain to stop.
My camera didn't get a vote.
Rain doesn't stop the work at the temple site.
There is a door casing in here somewhere.
Stairs are going in on the east side.
So is geofoam.
Preparations are underway for the sidewalk along University Avenue.
I'm pretty sure it will ultimately be straight.
New fixtures are part of the exterior lighting system.
More are on the southwest side.
Early morning rain does not hamper the lights.
Some of you have noticed the new building skirt.  Robert Jaramillo took a few pictures for us last Friday.
The skirt wraps around the base of the building.
Robert captured a few piles of quartzitic sandstone in the upper right-hand corner which are for the new skirt.
My camera can't see what his can.
I was able to catch a glimpse of the skirt this morning from the north.
Stone is also waiting here to be placed.
I saw another delivery today.
I followed the fork lift, but the driver didn't go this way.
I don't believe I have ever taken a picture of my route past the south end of the post office before.  I either had to duck and jump at the same time, or get my shoes wet.  I chose the latter.
The lift went down here.
I saw a new sign.
This is still theoretical.
The fork lift was on his way out by the time I arrived.
I was pleased to see this stone along the southwest stairwell.
Stone now covers the upper walls of both stairwells.
I saw more progress on the west monument.
Nearby, new concrete has been poured.
Even in the rain, the east sign is beautiful.
I admired the fountain, which didn't mind the water at all.
I checked out the mason's shop.
This is beautiful stone.
I was really impressed when I saw this stack of marble.
It was a little harder to peek in today.
Rain or shine, there is still a lot of progress.