Friday, July 24, 2015

Grass, Planters and Pioneer Day

I was excited to see the temple site this morning.
I knew grass had been delivered.
The grass makes everything look better.
I am very fond of the fountain.
I knew a planter, designed with elements from the fountain, was going to be placed in the north garden.  This happened yesterday.
I did not know a twin planter would be placed in the south garden.
Shrubs have also been planted.
Grass makes the pavilion stand out.
I saw more grass when I peeked at the new beehive in front of the southwest tower entrance.  I also saw new fence segments around the stairs to the underground garage.
I checked on the new beehive at the northwest tower entrance.
Neither east tower entrances have beehives yet.
Grass and trees have been planted along University Avenue.
I was very encouraged about this.
The grass extends just past the east side doorway.
Work is underway to finish the sidewalk to Second South.
One of these days I will be able to quit walking in the street.
Grass, shrubs, and yes, more trees.
I've been told that progress on the inside is as beautiful as progress on the outside.
I can't resist taking pictures of the new transom above the north doorway.
I checked the south doorway.
Not yet.
The copper roof on the pavilion isn't quite finished.
The fence at the south underground entrance has been painted.
After walking around the temple site, I crossed the street to the courthouse.
I found a good perch where I could watch the Third Annual Temple to Temple Run.
This runner was the first to cross the line.  He was just a little fast for my camera, completing the five kilometers in under 14 minutes.
It's a lot of fun to watch the runners.
This year the run attracted over 11,000 participants.
This runner had a red pioneer bonnet.
I love watching the kids.
They keep up with everyone else, for sure.
Not all the participants ran.
Even if pushed, they enjoyed the event.
I had a few favorites.
I saw a lot of strollers.
I saw a lot of happy people.  Thousands, actually.
I doubt this was her first race.
I'm sure she ran all the way.
I saw lots of families.
The scooter-riders were in the mix with everyone else.
Many used their phones to text that they had crossed the finish line.
Perhaps you know the route from the Provo Temple to the Provo City Center is slightly downhill.
Some traveled the distance with ease.
Another red bonnet. I only saw these two.
Sometimes waiting family members jumped in to cross the finish line.
I'm sure the race was fun on a bike.
Several dogs participated.
Many young children ran.
I tried to capture as many pictures of them as I could.
I thought about walking the route this year.
Mr. Engineer-husband and I walk a four mile route along the Provo River.
I wasn't sure I could do five kilometers.
Maybe if someone pushed me.
Afterward, many participants walked across the street to see the new temple.
It's truly stunning.