Monday, August 27, 2012

Crane Still Working

All was peaceful early this morning at the temple site.
The crane started work at 7:30 and lifted a large container, probably empty.
It's fun to watch the crane because things move so fast.
This workman was ready for the container, perhaps to fill it with debris.
This morning I met a senior missionary couple assigned to the temple site.
Their calling is for 3 years.
They will keep an eye on things.
Quietly, the flowers and buildings around the construction site mind their own business.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Crane At Work

The beauty of this building touches me every time I visit.
A lot of workers are now at the site.
Jacobsen rebuilt the original BY Academy building, now the Provo Library, preserving much of the original design and facade.
After watching for awhile, I realized that the men in the building were feeding material to the crane operator, who lifted stuff out.
This ladder-looking object was moved away from the building,
and in less than 20 seconds moved to workers on the north side of the site.
They quickly released it from the crane.
Working together, they removed the "rungs" from the metal.
It appears they have done this countless times.  These metal devices were most likely temporary supports installed after the fire to keep the building safe after the original, internal wooden structure burned.
My guess is they will reuse this brick, just as they did with BY Academy.
The crane operator stayed very busy, moving stuff out of the tabernacle, and moving things from one end of the building to the other.  It was fun to watch.
I wondered if the crane operator trained on one of these.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tower Roofs Are Being Removed

The crane is being put to good use -- 3 of the tower roofs have been removed.
Workmen are removing the last tower.
This is the view of the north side of the old tabernacle facing west.
Three roofs off, one to go.
This is the north east tower.
Structural support is evident throughout the site.