Thursday, May 9, 2013

Moving in the Right Direction

Work started early this morning with the pouring of another slab in the basement.
This slab is going over the protective membrane which is on top of a 3 inch slab.
Based on the height of the wooden frame surrounding the basement, I can safely guess that there will be more concrete poured at a later date.  These men were working hard.
And no rest for the weary, either, as trucks were lined up to keep the concrete coming.  
The popcorn machine, recently moved to the south lot, was part of the action today.
This little factory was working alongside it.
The north lot, whose turn for concrete was last week, was relegated to storage space.
The west lot was bustling with activity, too.  Notice Mr. Track Hoe carrying rebar rods.  The drilling machine was just finishing another well, and work was beginning on the wide flange columns which have been looking dreadful for awhile.
Amid all this activity, an observant pigeon quietly watched.

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