Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Concrete Pump at the Site Today

The construction cam is working again.  When I saw the concrete pump at the site this morning, I grabbed my shoes and went to see.
The workmen in the basement were still preparing when I arrived.  You can see the empty tube dangling in the center of the picture.  To me, it doesn't quite look like they are going to pour another slab today.
Perhaps they were just pouring enough to hold the spiders in place. 
The crane delivered rebar to the basement while the concrete pump worked.
I didn't realize the crane operator was in place until, all of a sudden, I saw rebar flying through the air.  I'm thinking maybe he should put up a flag when he's in residence.  Like the queen.
He was taking the rebar from the north lot, which is still being prepared for the membrane layer.
It was a beautiful morning, so I walked around the block to the Post Office.  The electrical pole has been removed.  
Provo City workers were nearby, so I am sure it won't be left this way.  The last photo in this post shows how awkward the former pole was.
During my walk to the west side, I saw a new drainage system.  Water is now being pumped through these white pipes.
The water is released into this sediment tank.
The sediment settles and clean water goes into our storm drains.
The sediment tank used to be closer to the tabernacle, but water is still being pumped out here, too.
My view of the west lot from University showed a lot of water.  It's not from the summer weather we've been enjoying. 
The standing water reflects the yellow from the Nu Skin garage under construction.
Piles have been driven at the point the Nu Skin walkway reaches the west lot.  Wells are on both ends of these piles.
I have good news for the ladders.  Blog readers have speculated that these boxes are for column forms in the basement.  
This photo, courtesy of Lane Montgomery, shows similar forms being used in the construction of the Brigham City Temple.  So, the ladders can breathe easy, but the rebar is in big trouble.

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