Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick Or Treat

The construction site looked a tiny bit spooky tonight.
I tried to knock on the door to say trick or treat, but I couldn't find a door...
Despite the holiday, work continues.  The annex roof is zooming along.  The mechanical access tunnel has a new roof, too.
The phrase "growing up" has a new meaning when we talk about the work at the site.
The annex roof is spreading out.
I assumed the roof would happen in stages, but with forms being placed in the gap, it appears I assumed incorrectly.
At one point there was a sea of rebar in the basement.  Now there's another sea here.
A pavilion in the south lot is shown on a banner at the site.
This is intended to be a lovely Victorian waiting area for non-patron family members.
The new hole in the south lot is for the elevator shaft and other utilities which will service the pavilion.
Someday, instead of a construction site, we will see beautiful gardens surrounding the pavilion, which of course will be 20 feet up from the base we see now.
The south elevator shaft is now easily visible.  I have plans to ride every elevator in the new temple.  
Everyone must be happy with the fifth tower base, because work there seems to have slowed down. 
In the meantime, new material in the west lot is waiting for direction.
It was a gorgeous Halloween night with perfectly crisp weather.
The tabernacle tried to look Halloween-ish.  Sadly, the fire helped in that regard.
The inside looked just a little spooky.
I didn't have to try very hard to see two scary eyes and a scowl.
None of the downtown trick-or-treaters were scared in the slightest!

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dSquared said...

I loved that sea of rebar.