Monday, November 4, 2013

Clouds and Welding

A welder worked on the tower base this afternoon.
The waffle plating is growing along the annex roof.  A 3-story staircase was moved this morning from the gap to make way for more forms.
The rebar around the steel is very neat and tidy.
The progress has been great fun to watch.
Handy loops in the foundation wall will tie in with the rebar.
The workmen are reassembling the staircase on the south side.
Both cranes were busy this afternoon.  Their red blocks stood out against the dark sky.
A red ladder headed up the grand staircase to help.
I could hear welding in the southwest tower and occasionally sparks flew out the openings on the right side.  I'm encouraged that work is progressing here.
In the meantime, the man lift moved the welder around.
Other onlookers speculated that this material is for roof support.
We could see this man building scaffolding above the roof line on the north side.
When I got home, I checked to see what he was doing.  Perhaps the gables need to be rebuilt before the roof can go up.
Gables will definitely change the look of the tabernacle.
The area for the pavilion has received a lot of attention since last week.  The black blankets will keep the curing concrete warm when the temperature drops below freezing tonight.
I am curious about the new black rolls.
Maybe you are, too.  Hats for the ladders, maybe.
Speculation among the many onlookers this afternoon included how much welding needs to take place before the fifth tower cap is placed.
And will the the tower caps receive their new slate shingles before or after they are lifted up?
Waterproofing is ongoing in the west lot.  The concrete looks like a rebar sandwich.
We spied the crane operator at the end of his day.  It wasn't quitting time for the welder, though.
It wasn't time for the pigeon to punch the clock, either.

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