Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Another Stairwell Column

It was a little rainy at the site today.
The four tower caps are now all together in the upper north lot, well protected from inclement weather.
The roof of the annex is progressing and soon the rain will only be on the outside.
This is a desert, so the rain was only a deterrent for my yellow ladder, which insisted on staying in the car for half my visit.  I don't need him much on the west side, so it was ok.  I have been curious about the west lot.  I've realized there are two parts to this side of the tabernacle.
The east side of the west lot will actually be part of the mechanical area.  The floor here has been receiving gravel, which means another slab will be poured.  The column in the form was poured just as I arrived at the site.  Notice there are two concrete trenches on both sides of this column.  The forms for the trenches were in place during my last visit.  We've watched drainage sumps go in this area, but those only made sense when I thought this part of the lot was for parking.  But it's not.
This is the west side of the west lot.  It will definitely be for parking.  Right now it's for storage, something that is a premium at the site.
I noticed these holes in the north wall of the west lot.  Mr. Red Ladder knows what they are for, but he wasn't in the mood to talk today.
The Nu Skin campus is about finished.  I was looking forward to taking pictures from their grounds.  I was not very excited today to see a construction fence between their campus and the tabernacle site.  That fence is along the upper quarter of this photo.
This is the best I'm going to be able to get until other onlookers make better openings in the construction barrier.  On the right you are seeing the north side of Jacobsen's green construction barrier at the post office lot.
I turned around to take this picture.  Traffic to the post office, which you can barely see on the left, now drives on the east of the underground entrance.  Traffic leaving the post office travels on the west side of the entrance, along the lower right hand corner of this picture.  The entrance is not open to traffic yet, and since it was raining and 50 degrees, I decided against a walking tour.  This should all be completed by next week.
My camera peeked in a lot of windows today.  We spied this second stairwell column in the southwest tower.
We checked to make sure there is still a column in the northwest tower.
Remember, when it's raining in the valley, it's snowing in the mountains.  I zoomed in to look through the underground entrance.
A scissor lift kept me from looking very far.
The sun was still shining when I arrived at the site late this afternoon.  This was actually one of the first pictures I took.  I was checking on the lift station in the southwest corner.  
It's growing.
The tabernacle now has a lovely new porch on the south side, at least for now.  It was poured this morning.  I believe the tower foundation is complete, also.
Somehow this is going to support a beautiful foyer for the underground entrance.
Since it hadn't started to rain while I was on the east side, my yellow ladder helped me peek in a few windows.
I saw a lot of stuff hanging from the decking above the ground level.  I'm thinking this is early stages of Halloween decorating.
The grand staircase now leads to the second floor.  There are also new supports in place from floor to ceiling.  My engineer husband says they are jacks.
He wasn't sure until he saw this picture, so I'll include it so you can see for yourself.  You are also seeing the new concrete floor for the ground level.
I like to look in the building, and I think you do, too.
This is a peek through the northeast tower doorway.  A jack can be seen just to the left of the jam.  
This is a zoomed in view of a window on the north side.  Since the chapel will be in this area,  my first thought was that we are seeing pipes for the organ.
Then again, maybe not.


David said...

Interesting observation about the east side of the west lot. I wonder what other things will be in that area. Certainly not ALL mechanical...right?

David said...

Also...what are they using as the cover for the annex? It's hard to make out with the temple cam. Will the metal (presumably) also be covered in concrete, similar to the interior levels of the tabernacle shell?

Julie Markham said...

I would like to learn more about this mechanical area. I have not thought to ask because I didn't realize until late last week that it wasn't all parking. I don't think this will be a patron area of the temple, so I'm putting it in the mechanical category. But I'll see what I can learn. I am baffled by the two trenches. I need to learn about those, also. As for the annex roof, these look like some kind of form, heavier than plywood and pre-made. I think this roof will be concrete poured in place. I will zoom in with my camera on my next visit and we should all get a good look then.

Esperanza said...

The inside is looking much bigger with ceilings going in.

Jacob said...

It looks like there is a frame for a door just east of those holes in the north wall of the west lot.

I'm really interested in how the property lines meet here, and how the walls of the different projects stand in relation to each other. It would be great if we could get a photo from the top of the Nu Skin building looking almost straight down.

Julie Markham said...

I'm not sure what we are seeing in that picture of the holes. The north part of the west lot will have HVAC units, with access from the area we are seeing. As for visiting Nu Skin, I intend to do that soon. A visit to the 9th floor is not always under my control, especially with that building under renovation, but I'm hopeful.