Friday, October 11, 2013

White Elephants and More Raptors

Mr. Crane has been very busy.
Preparations are underway for the roof of the annex.
It's easy to figure out what's happening.  All the stuff on the floor is being turned into forms and supports for the ceiling.  Obviously, the material needs to be brought in before the men close off Mr. Crane's access.
This will be fun to watch from the construction cam.
Of course, once the roof is on, watching the annex will become a thing of the past.
Mr. Red Ladder tried to get my attention today.
He felt it important that I know that he is standing near an emergency exit from the annex.  That opening is permanent.
The west side was full of action today.
The concrete pump poured a wall in the middle of the west lot.  Mr. Dashing Track Hoe was busy the entire time I was at the site moving gravel over drainage pipes.  I was curious about the two white elephants on the new porch.
By the time I got to the west side, the concrete pump was getting his act together so he could go home.
The workmen were finishing up with the new wall.
I had a fun visit with some onlookers.  I shared my ladder with several people and we speculated about the wall and the design of the underground garage.
I was impressed that the area is being kept very clean.  This is sort of a reverse vacuum.  Very noisy.
The slab looks plenty sturdy enough to hold a lot of cars.
My camera was in the mood to peek in windows.  Don't worry -- I keep a close eye on him.
First we had to make sure the stairwell column was still in place.
We could see weld marks on the grand staircase.
Lots of wires go in and out of the tabernacle.
Mr. Crane dropped in a couple zambonis.
My camera zoomed in to see if the upper level has been poured.  Visible decking, and the view from the cam, say not yet.  Maybe the zambonis are simply being removed from the annex.
We also peeked in this window on the north side, near the grand staircase.  It was the only window on this side where I could get a good look, although I'm not sure what I'm looking at.  Readers have asked me about the holes in the brick which often show up in my pictures.  Four are visible here, neatly spaced to the right and left of this window.
They are from the exterior braces which held the tabernacle together after the fire, but which have since been removed.
There are now two stairways for workmen to enter lower level 1, but neither is where the actual entrance to the temple will be.
I was quick to observe this sign with pink arrows.  I looked for something important but could only see the elephants.  I learned they are cooling units, just in time for winter.
The drainage system here moved along right in front of my eyes.  Notice the horizontal rebar at the base of the southeast tower foundation.  A slab will ultimately connect the area where the track hoe is with the tabernacle.  Notice the rebar extending up the side of the foundation, almost in the center of the picture.  This will connect to a wall which will surround the entire south lot.
The foundation underneath the northeast tower is complete.  There is no spiral column inside yet.
But the grand staircase is growing taller.
I moved my yellow ladder a few feet south to get a better view.
Then I moved it north.  If you look closely at the red ladder, you'll see that he's at the ground floor entry.
Look straight through the tower window and you'll see him again.
My camera is going to help you out.
If you've been watching the cam, you've noticed we've received a lot of rain.  This time of year, that means snow in the mountains.  You might be thinking this is a peaceful view.
It would have been, except this man was cutting up the concrete on Second South.  Please notice our beautiful mountains to the east, and the raptors.
Mr. Crane is always happy to give the pigeons a lift if they want to be as high as the raptors.


dSquared said...

It was wonderful to see the stairways coming along.

You said but I'm anxious to see the remaining pylons removed and jail bars cemented over.

You archive picture apparently showed blocks of cement at the base of the braces? And then marble panels with a tabernacle sign. Are those to be reused ?

Julie Markham said...

The wall around the temple will not be marble panels. I have a memory that it will be brick which is being built now. I wonder where the tabernacle sign is. I suspect it will end up in a museum, but I'll see what I can learn.

David said...

In these pictures (and many others) you can see that there are some window frames that are filled in: the west side being a big example. In past posts, you mentioned that some of the filled in windows will actually become windows with glass—specifically the sealing rooms on the top floor. When will this be done? Will all of the “filled in” windows end up having glass? For instance, will the two windows in picture 30 of 34 with the caption “Look straight through the tower window and you'll see him again” eventually have glass?
Thanks so much!

Efinzen said...

The birds eye view is wonderful! Thanks to you I have great updates on the temple construction. We talked about the Provo Tabernacle in Sunday School two weeks ago, and I felt smart being able to share some of the information I have picked up from you post. Thank you!

The Cannon Family said...

As I recall, those panels weren't marble, but some sort of fancy concrete with stone. Stuff of that style was really common mid-century, there is a lot of it in my town, the courthouse, library and places like that. Remembering back when they were removing it, from the pictures I saw it didn't look like much of that was saved, just bulldozed, since it wasn't original to the tabernacle anyway.

As for the fence, I guess it will look like most new temple fences, pillars with big fancy iron panels in-between. That way people can see the temple easily from the street. Building a temple seems to be as much about making everything around it emphasize the temple as to make the temple impressive.

Julie Markham said...

Not all of the filled in windows will end up actual windows. Specifically, the two windows you asked about on the east side are where the two endowment rooms will be. Those might have art glass on the outside, but there will not be light shining through on the inside. (And I truly doubt they'll leave a shotcrete window in place.) As for the windows on the west side, the three on the top under the gable will be part of the large sealing room. At the fireside a couple of weeks ago, Brother Kirby said that exterior light would shine into each sealing room. The interior of those 3 windows is not covered with rebar or shotcrete. As for when? I don't know. I'll just keep watching.

David said...

Thanks for this, Julie. It is good to know.

So, what on earth are we going to look at once the annex is covered? :)

Julie Markham said...

I'm going to watch for the roof to grow.