Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Higher And Lower

The vertical growth at the tabernacle site is impressive.
But there is still digging going on.  This man was working on the east side lift station.
A mysterious pit has appeared in the center of the south lot.  I suspect this will be associated with the pavilion which will be built in this area.
The work on the annex roof is massive.
I don't know what's going to happen next, but I'm glad we'll be able to watch.
A protective slab was poured over the waterproof membrane where the underground foyer will be.  Another layer of gravel plus the vapor layer need to be placed before the last slab is poured.
My camera peeked inside the lower level and spied this man lift near the grand staircase.
This scaffolding is in place to assist the workers building an elevator shaft on the south side.
Deliveries are a frequent occurrence at the south gate.
But this green spider got in on its own.
I was standing over the west entrance when I took this picture.  Temple patrons will drive east toward the temple and turn south to park.
This was the first picture I took today, just before I crossed University Avenue at Center.
And this was the last, directly opposite, from the post office lot.


dSquared said...

I saw a delivery truck on the webcam but couldn't discern whether it was temple structure r not. Thanks for pic

Originally Mr. Bigge told me that his crane was 208' long - supposedly he could reach the far corner of the temple. But I see the mobile unit getting boxed in and at some point I assume he has to get out of the west side. Maybe off-site or to the bench? What can you tell us about their longevity?

Julie Markham said...

I know that the black crane will be in position long enough to return the southwest tower cap. Mr. Bigge's white crane doesn't quite reach that far. The SW cap will go up first. I don't have a time frame for that.

David said...

Did you notice on the image of the "green spider" that the makeshift door to the parking entry is looking more fancy??? Yup. It is now white! ;)

Julie Markham said...

It's a real door, with a real handle... that's progress!