Monday, October 21, 2013

Unidentified Flying Object

There is always stuff flying through the air at the site.
I guessed that this was steel for the roof structure.  I was close.  These two pictures were taken this morning.
While downloading this morning's pictures from my camera, I got a tip and went back.  There I watched the Jacobsen crews have fun building the fifth tower cap.
The steel which was delivered this morning, five flatbeds, to be exact, is part of the square base of the new tower.  
The center tower cap is taller than the other four towers, and it will sit on a short tower of its own.
The other four towers, not jealous at all, are anxiously awaiting being returned to their places.
The upper level concrete floor was poured Saturday.  With that task accomplished, we can now watch the steel being placed for the roof.  The tower caps will go up in conjunction with that effort.
Maybe there is a little concern in a few places about that...
The structure for the annex roof is progressing.  This picture was taken during my morning visit.
Notice the stacks of metal which Mr. Crane has delivered.
What's going to happen is not what I expected.  This picture from my second visit shows pieces of waffle plating.  I feel sheepish telling you this, but three different men today tried in vain to explain this to me.  Apparently the concrete will be poured over the waffles, leaving a very sound honeycomb roof.  I have been assured that I'll understand this better later in the week when more waffle pieces are in place.
We've seen these waffle pieces stored near the southwest lift station.  They were being delivered within reach of Mr. Crane at the base of the southeast tower so he could move them over.  Please notice that the last of the steel piers supporting the tabernacle are gone.  They were cut away Saturday.  I can hear your applause.
The tabernacle now stands firm on a new foundation.
Workmen were cleaning out the base this morning.
This man was cutting micropiles free from the piers.
Do you watch the construction cam on weekends?  Saturday this lone man marked squares in the new concrete of the mechanical access tunnel and the mechanical shop.  I thought he was using chalk, akin to what we might see on an athletic field.  In fact, he was actually cutting control joints into the concrete.  Just like a red ladder, concrete has a mind of its own.  These joints give the concrete some breathing space.
This morning the joints were easily visible.
We can see these control joints in the mechanical shop, too.  Control joints will also be cut into the annex floor, but it will have to be cleaned off first and we likely won't see that since the roof will be in place by then.
With the steel piers gone, Daddy Track Hoe began work on the east lift station.  You are wondering about this new porch on the east side.  Because the south lot is so crowded, the crews can only work in patches.  When this part of the lot has concrete, stuff will be moved onto it and more squares can be poured.  The black rolls are waterproof fabric underneath French drains.
There is a lot of stuff to move around.
The southwest lift station can be seen in the upper left corner.  The west barrier wall has now been covered with gunite and a waterproof layer.
Work on the new storm drain at Second South associated with these lift stations continues.  
I learned what the metal spaghetti is for.  These thin strips will hold duct work for heating and air-conditioning.
Waterproofing has been completed on the west side of the south porch.  The east side concrete must cure completely before it is covered.  The lower part of this large area will be the foundation of the foyer leading into the temple from the underground parking garage.  
This far west part of the underground parking garage received its waterproof treatment today.
Directly below where I took the previous picture is the opening from the underground entrance.  It has been temporarily blocked off from Nu Skin's garage, although there is a handy door.
If you go straight when you enter the garage, you'll park on Nu Skin's side.
If you choose the right, you'll find the temple.
Lots of work being done.  Lots of work left to do.

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