Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Final Layer of Foundation Slab Poured

I've been waiting for the final pour of the lowest level slab, and it happened this morning.  This foundation slab is layers upon layers, with waterproofing and months of work.  This slab is now five feet thick.
I knew they were close to this final pour, and last night when the cam showed the yellow plastic vapor level being installed, I knew today was going to be the day.
At 4 am I could see the ghost headlights of the cement trucks in the south lot and decided to pay a visit.
The nose of the concrete pump is using the only opening to the lowest level on the south side.  This will ultimately be an entrance to an exterior staircase from LL2 up to lower level 1, where you can see four lighted openings.  The slab on LL1 was poured about two weeks ago.
My camera tried hard to zoom into the lowest level, but this was the best he could do.  We are seeing gravel and the hard hats of the workmen.  I can't identify the long set of boxes.
The last time I visited the site for an early morning pour, it was peaceful and quiet.  This morning jackhammers from the Nu Skin construction did not add any serenity, but I appreciated their lights.
The cam from yesterday afternoon shows electrical conduit being placed on the west lot.  You can also see that more of the annex slab was poured yesterday.  
Wooden diamonds were placed around the pillars before the slab was poured.  These are expansion joints, because the phrase, "set in concrete" doesn't actually mean that things don't move a little bit.  You can also see the workman on the zamboni smoothing out the slab so the ladders can go ice skating this winter.

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dSquared said...

Its truly amazing that you picked up on the "ghost headlights". I didn't even know digital camera's did that - let alone that they were pumping inside even though I looked at every webcam instance. The Julie cam is the reliable one.