Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Beautiful Windows, Part II

Despite the clouds, Lee Cowan captured beautiful things happening at the site.
The windows beside each large upper opening have been installed on all four sides. Two can be seen in their glory here from the north.
Lee has closely watched the prep work.  First, orange insulation foam fills the gaps around the wooden jambs.
Then, flashing is installed over the jambs.
These two west windows were the last to be completed this afternoon.
You recall the arrival of these windows two weeks ago.  Glass was not installed in the lower sashes to facilitate their delivery.
These windows are triple-glazed.  The art glass is protected on the interior and exterior with laminated glass.  This provides sound-proofing from downtown noises and also protection from dangerous pigeons.
Glass in the lower sash is the last step.
Other workmen at the site were not standing around admiring the windows.  They were busy.
Lee calls these building blocks, literally.
The finished look of the west side will soon move to the south lot.
The building and the grounds are changing every day, but Moroni is safe.
Even at night.

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