Monday, November 24, 2014

Beautiful Windows

Lee Cowan took pictures at the temple site for us today. We are seeing a stained glass window on the south side through a window opening on the north.
A workman completes the installation of this window on the east side.
Lee watched the installation for quite awhile on Saturday and again today.  The process is not simple.
The flashing covers the wood in the window jambs we saw a month ago.
This window on the east side is complete.
The window looks beautiful next to the brick and sandstone.
During Lee's Saturday visit to the site, he took a picture of the south planter with newly poured concrete.
This morning the men were working in snow.
This afternoon's view from the cam lets us see the planter from above and also shows the pavilion being enclosed for the winter. 
Lee happened upon one of the many geofoam deliveries.
The temple site might be a glacial field this winter.
We are fortunate to have Lee and his camera take pictures for us.
The window installation is not something we want to miss!

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