Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tower Window!

I went to the site this afternoon with the hope that I might see some tower windows.
It was a little later in the day that I normally go.
Men were receiving a delivery on the southeast tower.  I studied them through my zoom lens, but they were handling slate, not windows.  I was pretty sure about that.
A lift was delivering something to the northeast tower.  I took a picture of that action, but all I saw was a black blanket.  I moved on.  I did!  I walked all the way around the block and had no idea what I had missed.
The last leg of today's walk was Center Street.  As I came around the corner, along the right of this picture, two men in orange vests at the northeast tower, on the left, caught my eye.  Fortunately.
I was just delighted.
And my camera and I had all the time in the world to wait until they stepped aside.
They worked on the window for quite awhile.  You can see shims at the top.
My camera spied two more windows waiting to go up.  But not today.
The art glass for the windows was made locally.  It was then shipped to Kansas City where the glass was put into a window assembly, a box that fits into this opening.  The finished windows were delivered this week.
You probably aren't interested in anything else I saw today.  I admit, it's hard to top a tower window.
I'm curious about how the west gardens are going to come together.  That lot is high.  Notice a truck delivering piles of dirt.
At some point this dirt will turn into gardens and trees.
But today, dirt was the focus.
I was never in any danger.
A lone mason worked on the sandstone watercourse for the wall around the mechanical building.
I reached above a pile of dirt to take this picture.  The former First South ran east and west along here.
This is the other side.  The fountain, new planter and east stairwell will soon be hiding behind geofoam.
There's a lot of geofoam.  It's amazing to see.  The forms for the new planter south of the pavilion are going up.
I am pretty sure the geofoam won't cover the pavilion.
Then again...
Maybe I should check on that.
Blog readers have told me the roof for the east gablet has been sitting on the scaffolding since last week.
I kept an eye on the roof during my visit, but it didn't move.
The white trim up the south gable eaves is quite attractive.
The roof on the north gablet, nestled amid its white trim, is stunning.
I didn't see any evidence of a roof for the west gablet, but I'm not worried.
The tower windows are so, so beautiful.
I took this picture from the west.  Someone assured me that the window on the right is the door.
Notice that the bottom part of the door, this time in the center, isn't in yet.  The workman go in and out there.
It's all coming together.
Getting ready for winter.

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