Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Case of the Disappearing Window

I visited the site this afternoon.  This is definitely a window assembly at the northeast tower.
I wanted to see the window we saw here Tuesday, but it has vanished.
There seemed to be plenty of window assemblies on the site, though.
I even spied these two on the northwest tower.
Even though sheathing is covering the steeple base, I don't think anyone is hiding anything, except painters.
Sheathing is covering the other side of the steeple deck, too.
Sheathing covered much of the tabernacle earlier this year, but we survived that.
There is plenty of work going on elsewhere. It was not hard to spot a cement truck.
He was pouring an opening for an exhaust vent from the underground parking garage. 
I have a feeling the pavilion will be a diva, because she is enjoying all the attention of late.
Even amidst a sea of geofoam, she stands out.
Forms for the planter south of her are much taller than I expected.
There will be a few above-ground parking spaces between the planter and Second South.
Right now this area is receiving the waterproofing treatment we are so familiar with.
The south entrance to the large underground garage looks like it might be able to handle a awhile. 
Notice the lift station in the lower left corner.  There are two others, one at the north end, and another on the east side of the temple.
Water is still being pumped through this back-up system, so I don't think the lift stations are operating yet.
I know you like to see pictures of the pavilion, but this is actually a picture of the geofoam being covered with the black tarp.  I was standing in the post office lot on my tippy-toes with my arms reached high. 
This isn't the final level, because dirt will go on top of this black layer.
Someday when you are throwing pennies in the fountain, remember how deep its sides actually are.
The black tarp is covering a concrete wall, hiding under the tarp along the lower left.  I wondered why that wall was so high.  Now I know.
I've mentioned the dirt in the west lot, once or twice.
The west lot is on the left.  The post office driveway is on the right and is the same level as First West and University Avenue.
From the post office driveway, I took this picture through a gap in the construction fence.  The dirt is at eye-level.  I wondered what I was seeing across the lot.
This brown forest is between the new wall and the mechanical building.
My guess is a collection of periscopes.
I keep checking on the east gablet.  Workmen were trimming copper this afternoon.
Copper lines the area where the gablet meets the slate, on the left.  But the gablet roof didn't move while I was at the site.
I caught this glimpse of a window assembly on the northwest tower, tied down so it can't escape in the night.
The windows will all be in place soon, I'm sure.


Brian said...

Your periscopes look like fenceposts.

Julie Markham said...

I scrolled through the cam looking for clues and saw a light post, but these aren't big enough. Fence posts is probably a better guess.