Friday, November 14, 2014

Lamp Posts, Fence Posts and Snow

I had to visit Provo's other temple for a flower picture.  Yes, Provo has enjoyed another change in the weather.
There are new things to see at Provo's downtown temple, though.
Six lamp posts are in this picture.  Three city posts run along University Avenue, and three posts are on the temple grounds.
I hadn't even thought about lamp posts, and yet, here they are.
They look nice with our new snow.
There is a very close relationship between lamp posts and periscopes, by the way.
New fence posts line the north boundary of the temple gardens along Center Street.
These posts run south along University Avenue.
They are metal, and I'm pretty sure they'll be painted black.
They will rhyme with the lamp posts, as one of my little granddaughters would say.
The south lot is changing dramatically.
Some of the white stuff is geofoam.  Some is snow.
Perhaps the intent is to close in this structure before winter.  The winter solstice is five weeks out, and at the rate they are working, that will be plenty of time.
The roof of the pavilion will be covered with copper.
Initially, the roof will be quite bright.  All the copper trim on the temple will eventually gain a dark patina, and ultimately it will have a green cast.  In our desert air, that could take a century.
In the meantime, the pavilion is sailing in a sea of geofoam.
The planter south of the pavilion is looking interesting.
It's growing to be much bigger than I expected.
This view from today's construction cam exposes some detail not visible from the ground.
You might think the man on the left is sweeping dust before the waterproof layer is applied.  He's sweeping snow.
Heaven forbid the fountain should become covered with snow.  He has his own little tarp to keep him dry.
The steeple has been covered with plastic sheeting.
This is to keep the new woodwork warm enough to paint.
I know that because the men behind the curtains are wearing white pants.
Earlier this year plastic sheeting covered the tabernacle so the mortar could set properly.  Work goes on despite the weather.
Lots of work.
All four gablets are up and put together.  If you are a cam watcher, you know these guys have trouble staying in place.  I hope they adjust to their new spots and decide to remain.
The watercourse along the mechanical building and the adjacent wall seems to be complete.
Brick has been delivered for the wall.  Notice how well the geofoam has held up under all the action from the dirt-moving machines.
Next year these temple grounds will have their own pansies covered in snow.

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David said...

Cool fact about the copper. It could really take a century to turn green! Fascinating!