Friday, November 15, 2013

Roof, Roof

There were many things to see at the site today.  For example, there's a new door on the north side.  I'm certain you didn't miss the new roof beams.
From the construction cam it looks like the upper edge of the roof beams are black.
In reality you are seeing unpainted edges so a better weld can be achieved when the decking is placed.
The design of the roof structure has been planned in great detail from the very beginning.
The diagonal beams connect to pockets built into the shotcrete.  This picture is from August 12th.
I was pleased to get a good view of the 5th tower this afternoon.  HVAC equipment which was delivered last month was also very visible.  Then I realized that one of the tower caps was missing!  I was pretty sure it would be easy to spot wherever it was.
The new concrete slab over the annex has been covered with blankets since it was poured on Wednesday.  A fun video of the pour can be viewed here.  As the concrete cures, heat is generated and the blankets keep the heat in.  That's important now that we have 30 degree weather, not that I'm complaining.  This slab will be waterproofed and then receive a layer of styrofoam before it is covered with dirt and plants.  Nu Skin used styrofoam over their garage roof this past summer.  I'm not seeing that there's a lot of room for thick blocks of styrofoam, but I'm sure someone has been out there with a measuring tape.
It was easy to see the new lift station as I walked along the east side.  This will connect to the northwest and south lift stations, already in place.
I was relieved to find the missing tower cap.  It is now within reach of the black crane.  I think it's going up soon.
Welders working inside were causing quite a spectacle.  Through that lower square opening, you are seeing sparks falling from the welding above, not a fire to keep the workmen warm.
The concrete pump had just finished blocking openings left by the piers.
You remember this past summer when the foundation walls were poured under pressure through a gasket in the forms.  This doesn't look like a pressure gasket, but I'm sure it got the job done.
The red ladders are putting in a lot of overtime with the roof.  This view through a north side window shows a man lift helping out.
Anyone needing to get to the tower base must first climb one of these ladders, seen from the south.
Then they have several other ladders to choose from.
Of course, some at the site don't need a ladder. 
The green rebar newly placed in the south lot has been covered with epoxy.  Just as we saw in the west lot, this rebar will be protected from slush dripping off cars in the underground lots.
Black rebar has been placed on the new slab in the west lot.
Mr. Robot is still standing guard.  My engineer-husband believes this is an electrical transformer.
The black crane has moved from his spot in the west lot to the south lot.  He worked hard this afternoon.
So much to see, even in the rain.

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dSquared said...

I liked the shot of the beam socket. I looked back at pictures of the bare rebar on the walls for some evidence of a plate or box to understand how this structure works. Nada. But no doubt you nailed it with .