Thursday, November 7, 2013

Crisp Autumn Day

The fifth tower cap is anxiously awaiting his turn for some attention.
He's not even close to the top of the list right now, though.  The black crane brought in a load of 2x4s.
I can see the wood in the tabernacle, but I think it's going upstairs.
The north gable is getting some preliminary work beneath a welder working on the tower base.
The upper level looks like it's full of scaffolding.
I know you are interested in how the gables are going to be built, so I'll keep watching this.
Fortunately, there are several good angles.
My new friend was afraid if he got too close to that upper level, he'd be put to work.
The center of attention is the annex roof.  The concrete pump didn't dare interfere.  He just reached over to get his job done.
Perhaps you have noticed the waves in the sea of rebar.  The roof of the annex is designed for drainage.  Several feet of soil will go over this roof, and what the trees and plants don't soak up needs to glide off.
The waffle plating is nearly complete.  The view from the cam changes constantly.
This square form will keep the concrete from blocking the spot for the brides' room skylight.
The openings where the steel beams protruded through the foundation walls are being covered.  A red ladder has replaced the three-story staircase which was here until Monday.
These holes are at the base of the northeast tower.  Maybe they are thinking about keeping heat inside this winter.
In an elegant example of staying out of each other's hair, Mr. Crane gracefully moved over the concrete pump.
More beams mean more progress.
The cranes are really fun to watch, in case I haven't mentioned that before.
A red ladder was keeping the newel in the northwest tower company today.
His buddy was keeping the newel in the southwest tower from getting lonely.  I suspect there is more going on here than meets my eyes.
Work on the concrete in the west lot goes on around the black crane, which cannot be moved until the southwest tower cap is lifted permanently back into place. It's easy to see that the mechanical shop floor is quite level.  
Sections of the back wall of the west parking garage were getting the pour today.
Forms are in place for a garage door on the right which will access the generator room.  Mechanical louvers will fill the opening on the left.
Perhaps you can tell that this west garage floor slants slightly to the west.  This is also for drainage.
Will we recognize the south lot if it isn't covered with dirt?
My camera zoomed in through the underground entrance and saw these two scissor lifts.
He also zoomed in from the east through an upper window.  Some of that wood is being used here.
The south lot is always a very busy place.  The porch is now a staging area for deliveries.
The elevator base is blocked off so the little front end loader doesn't accidentally tumble in.
No one I've asked seems to know what the black rolls are for, but there is no question they will be put to good use.  The staircase which was temporarily moved here Monday has disappeared.
All of this equipment will go somewhere.
In the meantime, watching and waiting is a perfectly good option.


minta said...

These pictures are fascinating and so fun to see! How wonderful you're documenting such an excited and monumental event... can't wait to be in Provo again and see the temple some day!

David said...

Hi Julie, I noticed that since last Thursday, there is a new white pillar coming out of the north side gable. The construction cam picture, however, is not good with depth perception and I can't tell if the new white pillar is standing on its own, or if it is connected to the center tower structure. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Julie Markham said...

I am home from the site and am going through my pictures. I think it's part of the new gable -- it's definitely not connected to the tower base. I should have a post up with pictures in a couple hours.

David said...

Good to know. I look forward to the next post!

With this construction process, once one exciting step is finished, the next one begins. The gable construction is the next thing I am anticipating. :)

Julie Markham said...

I'm excited about the gable, but also the roof of the annex being finished. And today there are white stairwell columns in the two east towers. You've got to admit -- that's a big deal, too!