Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Up On The Housetop

My nephew went to the site for me again.  Look what he found! 
I also received a photo from a driver's cell phone at the intersection of University and Center.  I always appreciate help.
The ridge beams for the north and south gables connect in the middle of the tower base.
I'm actually surprised at how quickly this roof is going up.
Even the top of the tower base is getting decking.
I asked Chris to check on this tower cap.  A red ladder used it for support during a little break.
We can watch workmen preparing the towers for the caps via the construction cam.
The concrete pump arrived last night at 11 for the west lot pour.
They were still working when Chris arrived.  The green copses are for concrete forms for more pillars.
Concrete was poured over the decking on the mechanical access tunnel, too.  That area and the west lot are now covered with blankets to keep them warm tonight.
Beautiful day.  Lots of progress!

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