Monday, February 4, 2013

Excavation Underneath Deepens

The first thing I noticed at the site today was a white PVC pipe running underneath the temple.
It's been worked to run along the east and north sides, too.
On the right side of this picture, which shows the north lot, I can see two white vertical pipes.  It is apparent that the drill rig recently working was drilling wells.  Now, groundwater is being pumped away from the site through those pipes.
Here's a closeup of the northwest pipe.The electrical wires indicate that a submersible pump is below the surface pumping the water.  See how the water line feeds into the perimeter drain?  Another onlooker at the site today was certain this was a temporary drainage system to keep the working area dry.  
The water is pumped into this green hose on the east side, which leads into the white pipe.
The white pipe drains into this holding tank so that any contaminants (very unlikely from this source) can be removed.
This blue tubing drains from the dumpster through a temporary wall between the site and University Ave.
From there the water drains into the sewer.  I think I can agree that this is temporary.
It is easy to see that the track hoes continue to dig deeper.  The white pipe was at one point close to last week's dirt level.  You can see how deep the little track hoe is.  The metal bracing between the piers is now in the air.
This picture is of the white pipe on the south face.  Notice it goes up.  This is to allow an entrance for trucks.
I watched this dump truck pull out with a full load.
He dumped it onsite, about 50 feet away and then backed underneath the tabernacle again for another load.
This picture of the northwest corner from the east shows the fence which was built last week.   The excavation is lowering the working level.  It is easy to see the layer of Bentonite clay which was put in the trench under the fence.
This is a view of the same trench and fence, although you are looking at it along the southwest corner.  Notice the three pipes in the center of the picture.  I will venture to guess that they will become a barrier on the south lot to match the new barrier on the west side. 
Notice the white pipe right at the southwest corner.  It is another well connecting to the temporary perimeter drain.

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