Thursday, February 7, 2013

Balancing Act

Progress has been made in just three days.  On Monday the white pipe below the tabernacle was inches from ground level.  This news clip confirms that the basement will be 40 feet deep.
The first step of the excavation included lowering the surrounding property, but this stage appears to be limited to the ground below the tabernacle.
While I'm sure the tabernacle is very secure, at times it looks like an enormous balancing act.
This next stage of the excavation appears to be level, although I don't think this is down 40 feet yet.
It's easier to see in this picture that this new excavation is limited to underneath the tabernacle.
There has been a lot of progress since Monday!
A surveyor is at work.  I can't even begin to guess what he's doing.
This grey building on the north lot is new; the roof is still a work in progress.
After I left the north lot area, this crane, which I had seen waiting, lifted this rocket off a flatbed trailer.
After the flatbed drove off, workmen began positioning  the rocket into place.
Ok, I know it isn't a rocket.  I'll take more pictures soon.
The crane was at work on the south lot.  It appeared to be arranging large Lego blocks close to the place  where the slurry trench was dug a few weeks ago.  
This picture was taken from the east side.  I can't even guess what they were doing.
This upper portion was lifted up and down several times.
I'll go back in a few days and see what this turns out to be.

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annkelsch said...

Julie, I have been fascinated with this blog. Growing up in Provo, my memory bank is really on overdrive when I think how many times I was in that Tabernacle. Thanks again for this great timeline of the construction process.