Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Night at the Temple

I arrived at the temple site tonight just after sunset, not the best of timing.
It was very quiet; I'm sure all the machinery operators were home having family home evening.
I stayed long enough to take a few pictures, because while I love watching the reconstruction of this building, I was also very excited about seeing the mountains.  Because we haven't seen them for a few weeks.
I could say that the south lot might be fully excavated, or I could say that our mountains are truly beautiful.
You might be noticing the new fence on the west side.  It's on top of the trench dug last week.
You might also notice that the piers are almost all exposed.  An article from the Daily Herald shows some of the plans for the new temple, including a two level basement.
This northwest corner had not been excavated last week.
I am certain that all the piers will soon be reinforced.


Unknown said...

Not only are your captions very descriptive; especially since you and your husband research some unknowns to make educated guesses, but the way you personify the equipment lifts my heart. If only I could write with the obvious love and eloquence your blog exhibits. But we are who we are, right? Bottom line: Great Blog!

Jude said...

I really love your blog. I too love your mountains. It is exciting to see the shell of the building and to know one day it is going to be enclosed and full of the spirit of the Lord and filled with saints attending to thy business.

Diane said...

I work across the street so my vantage point is the complete opposite from where you are taking the majority of photos from. Your explanations help answer some of our questions as we wants trucks and bags come and go. Many Thanks for your time and research to help educate the rest of us, near and far, on the progress of this great building.