Monday, February 25, 2013

Digging Away in the Southeast Corner

I intended to make a quick trip to the construction site today.   I don't know why I ever think that -- my trips are never quick.  But, not too much was happening at the west end.  
I zoomed in and saw a red ladder on the east side.  That usually means something.
When I got over there, three track hoes were busy digging away.
The two little ones were working fast and furious, but Mama Track Hoe was unbelievably gentle.
The little track hoes have no problem staying out of her way, but the piers don't move very fast.
I hope someone was keeping an eye on this guy, who was about to scoop himself off his perch.
Remember the newly remodeled south entrance to the basement?
Good news!  There's now an entrance on the north side, too!

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