Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Basement Studies in the Late Afternoon

The late sun made for some fun pictures this afternoon.
I can't wait to show you what I saw at the site today.
I know you've been wondering about the pools on the north lot.  Well, nothing's been going on there for a week.  It appears the plan for the grout pools is to have them disappear by evaporation.  And since Provo is in a desert, that's not a bad idea.  Another week should do it.
The south lot is definitely disappearing.  Evaporation had nothing to do with this, I'm sure.
Track hoes were working in the basement, even though I had arrived close to quitting time.
And I could see some pots in the southeast corner.  What are those?
I was still on University Avenue when I took this picture.  I wanted to get a good look inside the basement.
There are several things to see in this photo.  The framework around the basement is progressing, and there are those pots again.  Of course, there's always a track hoe or two.
I took this photo from the west side.  Not much was happening in the southeast corner.  It's deep, but dry.  
This is a view of the east end from the west.  I could see new framework there.  I'm not sure it goes completely around the basement yet.  I got distracted.
I watched Daddy Track Hoe approach the basement.  I wondered if he had to knock before he went in.  If we played Where's Waldo, you could look for me in this picture.
I'm in love with the track hoes, in case you haven't noticed.  This one was being so careful, slowly reaching in for a scoop of dirt, and then backing up into the south lot.  One scoop at a time.
Look how close he got to the piers.
Obviously the goal is to get the dirt, and nothing but the dirt.
There are several things to see in this picture, too.  Sometimes I don't see it all until I get home, but today, with the sun cooperating, I knew what I was aiming at -- like the trench.  Why is there a trench?  More framework along the basement edges.  There are two track hoes at work, and of course, there is always a red ladder somewhere in the basement.
This workman was scraping the floor, perhaps leveling it.  I could see a transit and had watched him use the shovel, too.  It was a cold day.  I had to wear my coat and I needed my gloves, except I didn't have them.
What's with the pots?  They are arranged nicely on the southwest corner.  I'm pretty sure they are filled with dirt, not cement.
These pots are along the north face -- I'm on the west side.
Two workmen placed these pots in the center of the north side.  Why isn't the framework in a straight line?
You are thinking, "Maybe she could ask her engineer husband what's going on."  Ya, I thought of that.  His suggestions weren't very helpful since I didn't see any cement-making machines in the basement.
And there are a lot more pots, too.
My best guess is that since spring is coming, these are flower pots.
And the trench will bring water for the flowers.
Although I don't think this is just one big greenhouse.
But it is big.


Scottfunkel said...

Thank you for your work in documenting the progress on the new temple. Since I don't live in Provo anymore I look forward to following the construction progress on your blog.

It looks like they are preparing to pour a concrete slab in the excavated area under the temple. The wood framing in your picture appears to be concrete forms as they are along what appears to be the perimeter of the foundation. In my experience trenches are dug like you have shown where foundation footings will go. Footings are the load bearing areas of the foundation and are poured thicker than the rest of the slab. As far as the "pots" go, my guess is they will pour concrete around them. Once the concrete cures the pots will be removed leaving holes in the foundation. These holes could be used for groundwater mitigation or for driving deeper foundation supports. I can't say for sure.

Keep up the good work!

David said...

Great explanation, Scott. I was wondering about those pots as well. It makes a lot of sense now that you enlightened us!

Julie Markham said...

This is probably a better suggestion than flower pots. Now I know what to look for next. Thanks!

Melody said...

I am loving this, and very much enjoying your commentary. Thanks so much! :)