Friday, February 22, 2013

Really -- Deeper?

I was stunned to see track hoes and a dump truck under the tabernacle late this afternoon.
There is no question they are digging a few feet deeper.
Cause I guess this wasn't deep enough...
It looked a little crowded in the basement, actually.  Two smaller track hoes are working together in the upper left side of this picture.  Daddy Track Hoe is yellow, right in the center.  A blue lift which holds welders is in front.
Daddy Track Hoe is loading dirt into the dump truck who is parked in his favorite spot inside the south entrance.
We've seen what the dump truck does with his dirt -- he drives it onto the south lot.  You can see the back of a tandem trailer on the right.
In between loads from the dump truck, this track hoe slowly plugs away at the dirt in the south lot.  I watched a series of tandem dump trucks receive loads of dirt this afternoon and drive away.
This view from the southeast corner shows everyone working hard.
I noticed something else new, also.  See the wooden frame along the ground?  This view is from the east looking at the west side.  Just a few days ago those horizontal metal braces were along the ground.  I want to guess that this new level will be the lowest, but I've said that before.

This is a close-up look at that same frame, although this time I'm on the south side.  Who's with me -- can we vote?  This is the bottom?
I was actually standing in the parking garage on the west side when I took this photo.  The water is from our snow this morning, which has already melted.  I'm sure it made for lovely working conditions.
There are always welders working away.  The lift kept them out of reach of the track hoes this afternoon.
This is the north face taken from an open construction gate on Center Street.  But the distance is deceiving -- the tabernacle is actually a very large building.  I have been told that when completed, this temple will be the 18th largest temple in the Church, and it's not like there are 19 temples anymore.
However, this lot, on the north side of the tabernacle, is between the gravel lot where I was standing in the previous picture, and the tabernacle.  I was in the parking garage on the west when I took this photo.
It's going to be gorgeous.


Momma Nielson said...

I swear it looks like that thing is being held up by toothpicks! An engineering marvel rivaling Ben's merry-go-round:) By the way, my daughter Laura, who lives in Provo, swears they moved it from where it used to be. I'm thinking they must have changed the traffic pattern around it to make it look like it's in a different place. Who's right?

Julie Markham said...

The tabernacle hasn't moved an inch. First South is gone, though.

Unknown said...

I am just getting so stinkin' excited about this.

Chad said...

This will be the 19th largest temple by square foot floor area so far.
Though, I think only about 30,000 of that will be above ground, the majority of the temple will be below ground.

Chad said...

One thing I'd really like to know is if the spires will have small sealing rooms in them. The spires of the Logan and (I heard) the Washington DC temples have sealing rooms. I want to know what they will do with that space. If anyone has seen the blueprints please post.

Julie Markham said...

A link for plans is in this article: