Friday, March 1, 2013

New Phase of Foundation Work

Two track hoes were out of the basement and working at the northwest corner this morning.
The machine responsible for the grout wall along the retaining walls was back at work.  Lots of spectators were at the site today, many offering opinions.  The very east edge of  the Nu Skin garage is along the left edge of this picture. I'd heard that this had been purchased by the Church, and several onlookers today were certain that the Church took possession of the garage at midnight last night.  The track hoes were working much closer to the garage than I have seen before.
The ongoing Nu Skin construction is massive, and I walk by it every day to take pictures of the tabernacle.  The new garage for Nu Skin employees is in the center-left of this picture, south of First South.  My back is to the tabernacle construction, although I'm four stories up on the parking garage.  I have hoped the old garage would be available to me for a while longer, and good news in my opinion is that the new Nu Skin garage doesn't look like it's completed yet.
But, back to this corner,  There is a new trench along the west side.  It's not very deep, but it appears that the grout machine is in line to fill up this trench.
Here's another view of the trench, and also the basement.  The south edge of the basement looks fully excavated.  I took a lot of pictures of the inside.  I apologize for the sun who stayed behind clouds the entire time I was at the site.
A blog reader suggested that these cardboard holes are being placed in preparation for the pouring of a cement slab.  Someone at the site knew that Nicholson, the contractor pouring the grout wall, is famous for micropiles.  I'm not sure what constitutes famous, but I did a search and found this.  Notice that the cardboard holes are spaced closely along the edges, and not as tight in the interior.
Here is another view, which also includes the trench in the center of the basement. That same blog reader suggested this will be for foundation footings.  We are all guessing.
Perhaps after the slab is poured, the cardboard holes will be removed and micropiles will be placed further down.  
I hadn't noticed this well before.  In addition to being secure, the foundation will need to be kept dry. 
The scale of the piers can be better appreciated when compared with the workmen in the basement.
The yellow silo is back in place on the north lot.  Looks like people are preparing for a new phase of work.


Unknown said...

I'm still just blown away by this undertaking. To see that historic old building sitting on stilts is amazing. The process is so elaborate and interesting.

briansmithprovo said...

Unfortunately, today was the last day we Nu Skin employees were allowed to park in our garage. It's scheduled for demolition this week. We will be parking in the new parking garage on Monday. I hope your awesome pictures are able to continue from a decent vantage point.