Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Trenching Almost Complete, Maybe

The sun came out just for a few minutes this afternoon as I arrived at the site.  The trencher is now on the south side, and you can see the trench it has dug, similar to the one it dug yesterday on the north.  Notice the empty bags of cement.
I checked the north lot to see that trench, and if I hadn't watched the trencher work, I wouldn't know what had happened.  The slag, which is my word, has been totally scraped off, leaving no trace above ground of the massive work which happened here yesterday.  My engineer husband who looked at the pictures when I got home, speculated that the pile of dirt at the end of the trench is what was scraped up.
This small track hoe had just finished digging a trench on the west side.  Notice the hose  in the corner.
As soon as the trench was completed, this lift began dumping Bentonite into the trench.  You can see that the trench isn't very deep -- the workman is standing in the trench.  I was concerned that he was breathing in the Bentonite, but my husband says it's a clay that many people believe has health benefits.   I wondered why the trench on the west side was only three feet deep, while the trench on the north and south sides is probably twenty feet deep.  We speculated that the reason has something to do with the underground parking lot which will be built on the west side.  Notice the hose from the pump heading north.  If you look carefully, you can see it snaking around along the south side of the tabernacle.
As soon as the Bentonite was dropped in the trench, the little front end loader covered the trench.
I took this broad picture to show the hose.  It snakes from the pump just barely seen on the right hand side, up and around the west trench, and then back along the south side to the trencher.  I noticed that all the lights which had been at the site for two days were gone.  I am wondering if the trencher worked all night long Tuesday to dig a deep slurry curtain on the east side.  The position of the hose is a clue that indicates this might have happened.  Only recently was it disconnected from the trencher as it completed its work on the east side, and then walked back around the tabernacle and reconnected to the trencher.
The trencher and the hose and the new trench can been seen in this picture.  The trencher was taking a little break while I was at the site.  
This track hoe was repairing the east side after the trencher crossed it, likely leaving a big mess.  I think this area is too narrow for a slurry curtain to have been dug.
Everyone stays busy at the site.  There is no lollygagging.
I wonder if one of the workmen choreographs the track hoes.
This new trench will keep the basement of the new temple dry.

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