Saturday, May 2, 2015

Jaywalking With Abandon

I don't normally take pictures while in the street.
Today, however, was a special day.
For several blocks, downtown University Avenue was only open for pedestrians.  I qualified.
This was the finish line for a half marathon from Provo Canyon.
While I stood in the street taking photos, a friendly Provo police office told me to enjoy the moment.
Please don't read anything into that.
Since I didn't have access to my usual parking spots, my route to the site took me by new things to see.
Upon arriving, I saw a delivery truck.
The cartons were going through the First West entrance, but other items went down this way.
The driver and I had a little chat about the ingenuity of his sombrero.
I remain hopeful about a new sidewalk along University.
In my impatience, I need to remember that this area has come a long way.
The area in front of the south entrance seems usable.
I saw workmen leave the building and easily walk down some stairs.
Maybe there is progress here, after all.
Masons were repairing the brick at the east doorway.
This was fun to watch, and families of the runners watched with me.
The north entrance is much more organized than the south.
My camera tried to peek in, to no avail.
He did spy this pile of branches.
I found the source.
We can see this door at the base of the northwest tower from the construction cam.
A new door jamb is in place.
Redeeming himself, my camera found the electrical box for the light over the doorway.
The fences on the entire north side are all painted black.
The circular fence near the north entrance is eye-catching.
I have decided I'm a fan of the black fence.
The fence sections on the other areas of the temple grounds still need some work.
There is now a lot of fence to work on, too. . .
Including the fence which runs along the new asphalt road.
The pavilion seems almost inaccessible.
I found an open doorway on the west side.
This time when I raised up on my tippy-toes, my camera spied the door to the elevator on the right.
Do you remember the pit for the elevator base?  The lower level of the pavilion is much larger than what we see above ground.
It was a noisy, fun morning at the temple site.
And like I said, the east side was the most watched today.


Katshrnk said...

Fun pics!

Unknown said...

I love your blog! It is a highlight of my week, I check everyday to see your posts. Thank you so much for your time to update your blog and posting beautiful pictures of the progress of this beautiful temple. I can't wait until it is completed to go inside and feel the peace and serenity that the Lord's house brings.