Monday, May 18, 2015

Progress After A Welcome Rain

Our good friend Lee Cowan visited the temple site this morning after a rainy weekend.  The monument sign on the west side is wet but almost finished.
Lee looked for signs of progress, and saw this new door frame at the south entrance.  A beautiful stained glass window with the words "Holiness to the Lord" will be above this door.
He saw a stash of bricks along the east side.  Once the stairs are completed, the brick repair will continue.
Right now there are little props holding things together along this side.
He saw lighting being installed.
The cornerstone and time capsule will be here, at the base of the southeast tower.
Lee saw new shrubbery going in along the newly-painted fence near the post office.
We both think the pavilion is on the cusp of a great transformation.
He even found more beautiful brick in the tent shop in the south lot.  Lee and I have both been told these stones are for the baptistry.
This wooden doorway has temporarily replaced the art glass in the steeple tower.  Lee said a sign up there says "Come back spring of 2016," but I think he was yanking my chain.


The Cannon Family said...

I was looking at the webcam this morning and noticed them installing new stone at the base of the temple. It looks like a little sidewalk of sandstone right up against the wall (I'm sure there is a technical term for it). The blocks of stone they are using are stacked up at at north-east corner. I had never noticed this before, but there they are, complete with a little ledge of concrete for them to sit on.

Thanks again for the blog, it's such a joy for those of us far away.

Julie Markham said...

Thanks ffor your kind words. This little sidewalk is called a skirt. We are now at the edge of my knowledge. Maybe someone can help us out.

The Cannon Family said...

Skirt. I like that. Next time my daughter complains that she has to wear a skirt, I will tell her the temple wears one as well.

Julie Markham said...

If you consider the two levels above ground, and the two levels of foundation which we can't see anymore, I think this is more of a tutu.

Easy_Going_Dad said...

I love the pictures of the marble blocks for the baptistry. Beautiful stone, for sure. I noticed on the construction cam archives that the exterior lighting was tested overnight for the first time. The temple appeared a bit washed out but I'm sure that was just the web cam struggling with it's night time exposure settings. I'm sure DSLR camera would do much better. Exciting stuff!

Julie Markham said...

I was thrilled to see the exterior lighting. I will definitely make a trip in the dark, but not with an DSLR. Just me and my zoom.