Thursday, May 14, 2015

Always Something New

Our friend Lee Cowan took some interesting pictures for us.
Men were working on the new casing at the north doorway.
This is tricky work.

With the doorway wide open, Lee's camera was able to peek through to the south windows.
Lee checked on the south entrance.  He managed to catch a nice view of the new sign.
The intersection of First South is being permanently closed off.
Lee also noticed copper flashing on top of the pavilion.  Thanks, Lee!


Easy_Going_Dad said...

So the north doors would mean we're looking into the chapel where we will sit waiting for endowment sessions to start. I can see the gentle curve of the arch that will span over the pulpit/rostrum area. You can see it right at the worker's knee level in one of the photos.

Katshrnk said...

Looki'n Good!