Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday at the Temple Site

Our best friend Lee Cowan sent more pictures of the site.  I thought the new door casing on the north side was in, but apparently that was only temporary.
Workmen pulled it out today.
All the better for us to study it.
Lee noticed rebar going in below the watercourse along the east side.
A row of sandstone is being laid below the watercourse.  This is visible from the construction cam.  The stone is on top of a concrete foundation which was poured a few weeks ago.
Little machines are helping out with the delivery of the stone.
Lee also spent some time on Second South watching the masons work on interior marble.
It's beautiful stone.
There's a lot of it.
This is their reject pile.
Lee stood in the middle of the street to take this picture of the temporary traffic pattern along University Avenue.
A crew has been working for two weeks finishing this intersection.  First South ends at the new curb on the right.
More concrete work is happening at the west entrance.
Last night the new lighting was turned on.  Notice how stunning Moroni is.  I have one word:  Wow!

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