Tuesday, May 26, 2015


My umbrella and I couldn't wait for the rain to stop.
My camera didn't get a vote.
Rain doesn't stop the work at the temple site.
There is a door casing in here somewhere.
Stairs are going in on the east side.
So is geofoam.
Preparations are underway for the sidewalk along University Avenue.
I'm pretty sure it will ultimately be straight.
New fixtures are part of the exterior lighting system.
More are on the southwest side.
Early morning rain does not hamper the lights.
Some of you have noticed the new building skirt.  Robert Jaramillo took a few pictures for us last Friday.
The skirt wraps around the base of the building.
Robert captured a few piles of quartzitic sandstone in the upper right-hand corner which are for the new skirt.
My camera can't see what his can.
I was able to catch a glimpse of the skirt this morning from the north.
Stone is also waiting here to be placed.
I saw another delivery today.
I followed the fork lift, but the driver didn't go this way.
I don't believe I have ever taken a picture of my route past the south end of the post office before.  I either had to duck and jump at the same time, or get my shoes wet.  I chose the latter.
The lift went down here.
I saw a new sign.
This is still theoretical.
The fork lift was on his way out by the time I arrived.
I was pleased to see this stone along the southwest stairwell.
Stone now covers the upper walls of both stairwells.
I saw more progress on the west monument.
Nearby, new concrete has been poured.
Even in the rain, the east sign is beautiful.
I admired the fountain, which didn't mind the water at all.
I checked out the mason's shop.
This is beautiful stone.
I was really impressed when I saw this stack of marble.
It was a little harder to peek in today.
Rain or shine, there is still a lot of progress.


Katshrnk said...

Ralph and I are impressed! There's been so much progress. Glad you are doing this so we can see the progress from Nauvoo. We had a fairly decent rainstorm today as well. My little umbrella doesn't quite do the trick, but what do I know about umbrellas? 😜

Treble Clef ♪ said...

I have just recently found your blog. Thank you so much for sharing these amazing photos. It is thrilling to see all the detail and follow along with the progress of this magnificent House of the Lord. As a Provo resident who will be part of this temple district, I am extra giddy:)