Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bright Day, Low Temperatures

The heavy snow from last week and the sun today made for a bright visit to the temple site.  The two workmen in the center of the photo give some perspective to the size of the holes in the foundation.  They actually entered the building at that spot, although being inside gave them no relief from the 16 degree temperature.
An engineering friend noticed from earlier pictures that the corner towers are supported by two continuous I-beams.
Mr. Track Hoe worked furiously at the area just east of the new retaining wall between the tabernacle and University Avenue.
Keeping in mind that I often can't see what my camera sees until I get home, I wish I had taken more pictures here.  It seems like the snow blinded not only me, but my camera, too.
The interior beams hold a white layer of snow, making them easy to see. 
With the temperatures so low, snow is having trouble falling off the exterior.
The empty building almost looks festive with the white garlands.

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