Friday, January 23, 2015

Stones and Fence Posts

There was a lot to see today, not to mention it was a gorgeous winter day.
The fence posts are multiplying.
The row of posts in the picture above now continues south.
They surround the west garden, too.
Yuki Dorff captured this interesting picture today of the zigzag of posts.
Along with the new posts is new stone.
Master masons are working hard installing the quartzitic sandstone.
The stone work is going well, but the mortar needs something warmer than this morning's 30 degrees.
I saw stone all over the site, including this new delivery on Second South.
This same stone lines the watercourse around the base of the temple.
You are just going to have to trust me on that, since right now it is completely out of sight.
On Wednesday the concrete pump poured walls associated with the west side ramp.
This morning the pump poured a section of the driveway.  This is happening in stages.
Concrete bases for posts are visible this side of the south planter.
I looked for signs of spring and came up empty, until I saw wire tomato cages near the pavilion.
Mr. Engineer-Husband assures me I am a little ahead of the game.
I know spring is two months out, but hope springs eternal.
The fountain looked back at me today.
Plumbing is a good sign.
Someone definitely has a plan for the small parking lot in this area.
The temple itself was very quiet this morning.  I did not hear hammers or even voices. 
I did catch a glimpse of repointed brick and new fascia boards.
The copper gutters are developing a beautiful, dark patina.
Work continues on the steeple base.  I did not realize until I got home that my camera had captured copper trim around the drains from the deck.
The drains seem to be complete on all four sides, but the roof is in various stages. 
I'm sure you agree that this looks better than the rubber hoses we were seeing.
I did spy an interesting gadget at the base of the southeast tower.  The purpose of the white sheeting is to keep the exterior warm, and this little guy is proving the warmth.
I happened upon this section of interior trim at the east entrance.  There used to be large openings on this side, but the entire temple is now completely enclosed.
I solved a little mystery this morning.  I'm almost embarrassed to tell you about it. During my last few visits, I had noticed these horizontal green poles near the north garden.
Today as I got out of my car, I stepped around this sign and realized what the green poles are.  Go back to the earlier picture, and you will even see signs on the poles.  As construction work along University has pushed past the sidewalk in some places, these poles have been removed.
The temple is beautiful, even in a white coat.
I will be very happy when the coat is gone, however.
Until then, there is always something new to see.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Tight As A Drum

The west garden has a new row of fence posts.
This photo yesterday from Yuki Dorff shows another perspective.  On the right side of her picture you can see a ramp for handicap access under construction.
Often this area is covered with plastic or concrete blankets. Today, however, it was quite visible.
Slowly but surely, the west lot is turning into a lovely garden.
The north garden is also beautiful, even in this unfinished state.
I can't see past the new white sheeting, so we have to admire the landscaping.
You might have noticed from the construction cam that dirt gets closer and closer to the temple.
It's not hard to envision this green and leafy.
It is a little more difficult to imagine the south side of the temple finished.
The pavilion was quite pleased to be surrounded by new concrete walks and a lot of dirt.  The dirt is fresh, a smell I associate with spring.  I'm getting ahead of myself, for sure.
The south planter looks a little more inviting than it has in the past.
The fountain is all bundled up after receiving its last pour this week.
I checked the roof.  The slate is finished.
Work progresses on completing the steeple base.
This closeup from the southeast corner shows a new corner piece.  All four corners had this addition.  A drain from the steeple deck is visible on the left.
As for brick, windows, beautiful trim and copper gutters, those are all being kept warm.
And today, with the sun shining, even those of us walking around the block weren't too cold.
But I find myself imagining spring already.