Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday at the Temple Site

Our best friend Lee Cowan sent more pictures of the site.  I thought the new door casing on the north side was in, but apparently that was only temporary.
Workmen pulled it out today.
All the better for us to study it.
Lee noticed rebar going in below the watercourse along the east side.
A row of sandstone is being laid below the watercourse.  This is visible from the construction cam.  The stone is on top of a concrete foundation which was poured a few weeks ago.
Little machines are helping out with the delivery of the stone.
Lee also spent some time on Second South watching the masons work on interior marble.
It's beautiful stone.
There's a lot of it.
This is their reject pile.
Lee stood in the middle of the street to take this picture of the temporary traffic pattern along University Avenue.
A crew has been working for two weeks finishing this intersection.  First South ends at the new curb on the right.
More concrete work is happening at the west entrance.
Last night the new lighting was turned on.  Notice how stunning Moroni is.  I have one word:  Wow!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Progress After A Welcome Rain

Our good friend Lee Cowan visited the temple site this morning after a rainy weekend.  The monument sign on the west side is wet but almost finished.
Lee looked for signs of progress, and saw this new door frame at the south entrance.  A beautiful stained glass window with the words "Holiness to the Lord" will be above this door.
He saw a stash of bricks along the east side.  Once the stairs are completed, the brick repair will continue.
Right now there are little props holding things together along this side.
He saw lighting being installed.
The cornerstone and time capsule will be here, at the base of the southeast tower.
Lee saw new shrubbery going in along the newly-painted fence near the post office.
We both think the pavilion is on the cusp of a great transformation.
He even found more beautiful brick in the tent shop in the south lot.  Lee and I have both been told these stones are for the baptistry.
This wooden doorway has temporarily replaced the art glass in the steeple tower.  Lee said a sign up there says "Come back spring of 2016," but I think he was yanking my chain.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Always Something New

Our friend Lee Cowan took some interesting pictures for us.
Men were working on the new casing at the north doorway.
This is tricky work.

With the doorway wide open, Lee's camera was able to peek through to the south windows.
Lee checked on the south entrance.  He managed to catch a nice view of the new sign.
The intersection of First South is being permanently closed off.
Lee also noticed copper flashing on top of the pavilion.  Thanks, Lee!

Monday, May 11, 2015

This Is The Place

A new stone is at the site.
Two new stones.  East and west.
The stones are quartzitic sandstone, which the pioneers used all over the exterior.
The beehives are quartzitic sandstone.
There are four posts near this new sign.  Two have beehives; two have capstones.
Masons placed a capstone on the west monument.
This west stone will have the same stone trim as the east stone.  The trim will be affixed with epoxy. 
The intersection of First South and University is receiving some serious attention.
The east side is still looking beautiful.
The area around the south entrance now has the black fabric which precedes the dirt delivery.
Our friend Brian Olson decided to help me better understand how this area will look.
I peeked through the fence along University Avenue and saw this new city lamp post in place.
Posts for the new fence keep sprouting along this side.
The pavilion is still incognito.
I did manage to get a clear shot of the cupola.
Segments of the fence are now in place at the south end of the lot.
Painters worked on the west fence.
I saw something interesting today.
I tried to get a good look.
My camera helped.
This appears to be lighting for the exterior of the temple.
Landscaping is ongoing in the north lot.
The supervisor kept an eye on things.
Men were raking dirt, a hopeful sign, since I'm waiting for sod.
The south lot isn't quite ready for sod yet.
I continue to check out the activity inside this tent.
A lone mason works here.
This is a block of marble for the interior.
The mason is relegated to the south lot because his work creates dust and his epoxy is odiferous.
I checked out the doorways.  This is the northeast tower door.  Concrete bases for lighting are visible.
The brick around the southeast door was recently repaired.  The opening for the cornerstone is visible on the right.
The southwest doorway has trim, but I can't quite see it.
I am encouraged by what I saw at the northwest tower entrance.
The north emergency door continues to be open, but I can't see inside.
There are now many beautiful things to see at the site.
It's worth a trip downtown just to see the new fountain.
On a beautiful morning, the trip is always worth it!