Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sermon at the Tabernacle

I visited the site today, a Saturday, to see if enough machines would be working to make it worth the time for a young grand-nephew to travel from Ogden to Provo to watch the construction and not miss school.  Everything was in motion!
It appears that a choreographer has been working with the tandem trailers.  They still enter the site from the south, but instead of backing down the west side to reach the north lot, most pause long enough to be filled by a larger track hoe with a shovel, and then proceed down the east side and around the north lot.  Two of these trailers are empty and will be filled by the track hoe working in the north lot.
This is where I saw a sweet sermon today, quietly but eloquently given by this silent track hoe.
Notice that he is filling the tandem trailers.  However, it soon became apparent that the truck was stuck.
Brother Track Hoe quickly but gracefully positioned himself behind the trailer.  With a gentle nudge of his shovel, he tried to push the trailer free.  No luck.
In the meantime, the trailers filled by Mr. Track Hoe on the south were lining up.
Brother Track Hoe raced around the stalled trailers.
The dump truck driver, in the meantime, borrowed a chain from Brother Pile Driver.  He hooked the chain between the shovel of the track hoe and the front of his truck.
Brother Track Hoe then backed up the west side, pulling the dump truck with him.  This all happened within a five minute span.  Trust me, I was paying attention to the time because it was 21 degrees and snowing.  But my heart sang.  I even laughed as I watched.
After freeing the trailer, Brother Track Hoe raced down the incline to smooth out the place where the trailer had been stuck.
By the time I got to the west side, the last of the five dump trucks which had been filled in the north lot was on his way.
Kindness seemed to be the going word today at the site.  The track hoe on the right tenderly put his shovel beneath the ailing track hoe on the left so his shovel could be operated on.  Notice the service truck to the right of the first track hoe.
And another track hoe excavated inside the tabernacle.

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