Friday, January 25, 2013

Detective Work at the Temple

I arrived at the temple site this morning just as the trencher was driving out of the south pit.
Look how nice and clean he is -- clearly he has just taken a shower. It would have been a nice shower, too, as it warmed up to 42 degrees today.
I did not go to the site yesterday, as there were 54 accidents in Provo alone due to icy roads.
But if the trencher took a shower this morning, then he worked yesterday.  What did he do?
The south lot was all a jumble, trucks everywhere.  There's even a drill rig on the site.
I could not see any new trenches, but based on what I saw Wednesday, they clean up fast afterward.
When I got to the west side, I saw a lot of clutter.  I was seeing this as another clue, because usually the site is pristine.  Well, for a construction site.  I had to look for a few minutes before I saw that piles have been driven into the shallow trench which was dug on Wednesday.  Look closely -- that trench is a horizontal line across middle of this photo.
The pile driver was parked quietly in a corner of the north lot.
He deserves a rest, because clearly he worked hard.
On Wednesday I only saw the Bentonite being dumped into the trench, but today the west side was filled with empty cement bags.
This slag in the north lot is left over from a new trench made by the trencher.  I couldn't see that there was room to drive the trencher along the west side.  I suspect that secondary trenches were built on the north and south sides.  Clearly the trencher has been working between this morning and Wednesday and he put those trenches somewhere...
The north lot has a lot of new dirt piles, too.  And look -- the drill rig drove himself over here!  I watched the front-end loader for quite awhile.  He was taking dirt from underneath the tabernacle and making a nice road on the west side, patting it down gently after each load.  
The pump which has been working with the trencher was pulled up the south slope.  There, he took his turn in the showers.  I'm thinking the pump and the trencher were being cleaned up before returning home.
This track hoe in the south lot was moving dirt around to fill in an enormous wet place.  I bet this is where the trencher got his shower.  On the edge of the left side of this picture is a small machine which aided and abetted the shower.
These machines on the north lot were very busy.  The track hoe, loading dark dirt which I suspect was from another trench, stayed out of the way of the front-end loader, whose bucket was actually being filled by a track hoe inside the tabernacle. 
From my vantage point, I could see activity on three sides of the tabernacle, and underneath, too.
Welders are working to secure the piers together.
You've noticed the orange plastic sheeting go up on the outside, and it's being installed on the inside, too.  This will protect the workers from any stray bricks. 
And underneath, it looked like a party was going on!  Trucks moving in and out, workmen coming and going, machinery being dragged around -- and more and more piers are being exposed.

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Rachy Rach said...

Just found this blog. Great work! Love seeing the progress. Keep it up!