Friday, January 18, 2013

Temple on Stilts

Excavation underneath the tabernacle is deepening.
I took company today to see the site, and I was surprised at the progress in the last two days.
It was still bitter cold, about 10 degrees, although the sun was shining.
Notice how the tops of the piers are braced together, and look at the angled interior piers.
I'm wondering just how big this pit is going to get.
With the sun out, (and shining directly through the absent roof,) it was easy to see what's going on.
I never tire of seeing track hoes working inside the tabernacle.
Excavation on the south lot continues, also.  Please don't worry that our mountains are missing.  Just a little haze, and probably only for another week...  I assure you, no Photoshop was used in this picture.
I have been noticing the construction of the wooden triangles which were placed above the I-beams.   Now they are being covered with orange sheeting.  I often take pictures from the parking garage shown on the left in this photo.  I'm told it will disappear in a few weeks.
There is some interesting bracing going on underneath the west side.
It looks like a new type of  pier has been placed with horizontal beams to connect with other piers.  This is where I need a structural engineer to explain what's going on.  Sadly, I have a whole family of chemical and electrical engineers and they aren't saying anything helpful.  My father was a structural engineer, and even if he didn't know what was happening, he'd make up something believable.  I'm not even getting that...
I'm moved to sing, "How Firm A Foundation."

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