Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Taller Than Moroni

We have Aaron Barker to thank for the aerial pictures he took on Monday.
Maybe we should thank his drone.
Moroni is about 150 feet above the ground, but the drone flew far above him.
The drone was too high to see the new Bloomerang Dwarf Lilacs.
My view from the south is blocked by mulch and construction trailers.
Nothing blocked the drone's view.
The basin of the fountain is still receiving attention.
The ground-level view is blocked by the shelter for the masons.
The fountain is between the pavilion, on the right, and the temple.
This area is still very busy.
Fortunately, pedestrians can see the pavilion's copper roof.
I wonder if the drone could peek inside.
The new grass is easily visible from above.
Someone mowed the lawn.
All the sod has been delivered.
The west entrance can be seen in the lower left hand corner of this photo.
It looks like this from ground level.
This view is available near the west entrance.
Notice the rectangle shape adjacent to the west grounds, on the left.
That area is a stairwell to the underground garage.
It's difficult to tell from the air that the construction fence has moved off University Avenue.
Words cannot express my delight as I strolled along the sidewalk this evening.
My earth-bound camera could clearly see the new Holiness transom above the south entrance.
What a transformation!
The curved walkways are graceful when seen from the ground.
But they become beautifully intricate when seen from above.
Thanks again, Aaron!


Unknown said...

So inspiring, so beautiful!

JayBingham said...

My pun honed brain found it amusing that the name of the drone operator is Aaron.
Thanks for the beautiful photos.

Julie Markham said...

Took me a minute, but I got it....

Todd J. said...

Any known symbolism in the design of the concrete walkways?

Julie Markham said...

We can guess that circles are symbols of eternity, but I suspect the designers were going for beauty.

Le'o Hafoka said...

Thanks for sharing! Love seeing the progress of this temple!! Please keep posting!!