Monday, September 28, 2015

Water, Water Everywhere!

I almost couldn't believe my eyes this afternoon.
I love this.
The top of the fountain was patterned after a newel post in the tabernacle.
I took a short movie for you.

There are many beautiful details.
A rabble of inspectors was making everything perfect. They turned the fountain off and on several times.
Another fountain nearby, this one for thirsty people, was recently uncovered.
The beauty of the fountain almost made me forget the new railing around the steeple.
Painters are already working up there.
Notice the workman near the south entrance.
He's been finishing downspouts all around the temple.
Just another beautiful facet.
I saw another beautiful feature today.
The base of the pavilion is covered with quartzitic sandstone.
The doors at the south entrance now have stunning art glass.
I am getting confused as to which is my favorite detail at the temple.
It's all beautiful.
Every inch.
From Moroni's trumpet...
Clear down to the ground.


Esperanza said...

The beauty of the tabernacle, turned temple, brings me back to the grief I felt after the fire. God can make a masterpiece out of the ashes of our losses. Great pain can lead to great renewal. Opposition in all things.

Easy_Going_Dad said...

The spindles in the pavilion window match the spindles in the black and white tabernacle photo. Neat!

Julie Markham said...

I believe that observations both spiritual and temporal make us more susceptible to the sublime nuances of the Gospel which abound at this temple. Thanks to both of you for sharing.

Esperanza, you will be happy to learn that the oxen are now in the temple. They aren't in place, and I'm told that one day they were lined up in a hall, but they are there, waiting to be permanently installed under the font. They are fiberglass, but covered with a special treatment that makes them look bronze.