Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursday Morning Sunrise

The morning, of course, was beautiful.
A year ago, we couldn't have even called this a garden.
Landscapers have been working diligently.
Last year, there wasn't a lot of dirt to work with.
It was nice to step up to the new gate and take pictures today.
Progress is abundantly evident.
The temple didn't get gablets until last fall.
Workmen at the east stairs had plenty of sunlight this morning.
I don't think this is for the exterior.
Carpenters worked just a few feet from the temple.
I believe the trim is for the tower doorways.
The north staircase is beautiful.
Nearby, new gates are being painted.
The south stairs are hidden a little by the fence around the stairs to the garage.
I am still looking for a good place to catch a clear picture of the new transom window.
An obstacle in my way on the west side turned out to be a stepping stone.
I love the look of the painted pavilion.
My ability to resist peeking is currently at zero.
Masons are working all over the temple site.
There appears to be a lot of work left to do.
This glimpse inside the southeast tower doorway shows us where the marble is going.
After last week's visit, I wondered if I could see the art glass in the northwest tower.
Yes, it's there!
I decided another attempt to look in the southwest tower was in order.
The new banister rail wasn't obvious until I got home.
There is always something beautiful to see these days.
And there always will be.


Easy_Going_Dad said...

As always, your efforts to catch glimpses of the details are appreciated. The banisters in the corner towers are beautiful and so ornate. There's still one more banister railing that needs to be installed, and I've been wondering why it's been neglected for so long. What do you know about the railing around the central tower base? It seems it's the only exterior detail missing from the temple, excluding the doors and handrails. I'm assuming that's why there's still a piece of plywood in the spire windows - to give the railing pieces a place to be brought out onto the balcony.

Julie Markham said...

Thanks for your kind words. Every time I ask about the railing around the steeple, I get told, "It's on the list." However, today I heard a strong rumor that something big was delivered to LL1, and maybe, just maybe it was oxen. It was a rumor, but it was a good one.

Jarber said...

Do you know why there are holes on the top of the sandstone walls on the outside stairs? I thought they must be for hand rails, but I see that railing is now installed directly on the steps. I'm curious what those hole are for.

Julie Markham said...

I'm mystified, too.